Packaging of the primary and secondary packaging sector
Modern packaging is no longer linked only to a protective function, but carries the new content that is credible representation and explication of the package, and makes it one of the marketing features.
We offer the focus is on termoboiled films and bags, bins and containers made of the same products, with special emphasis on the multi-layer (barrier) films.

Vacuum packaging machines and gastronomic equipment
If you have been using vacuum sealers then you must be aware of its basic principle. The removal of oxygen from the container is followed by sealing the package in order to stop growth of aerobic bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms.
Sous Vide is a professional cooking method that includes plastic barrier bags and oxygen protection and precise temperature control to reduce oxidation and prolong the useful life of prepared food completely eliminates or reduces contact with aerobic bacteria. The result is a final product with superior texture, enhanced flavors and better organoleptic properties.

Packaging machines and lines play a key role in the production process of the food and non-food sector
Our Principal efficient development department and a highly reliable production department are able to provide versatile machines and to satisfy the demands of the vast packaging market.
Company in fact has a highly skilled internal team of experienced engineers and specialized technicians who are heavily involved in finding new solutions to ensure machines with the latest state-of-the-art-technologies.
This is the only way to meet the customer demands and to provide exactly the type of machines they desire.


Adjustments and selection of packaging materials

Custom packaging solutions are designed to help businesses make an impact with their packaging by equipping them with everything they need to build their ideal custom packaging

Customer Care Packaging Machine

We are always by your side, even after you purchase one of our machines

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Packaging bags, vacuum, industrial bags, foils, containers, injection molded plastic

Vacuum packaging machines and gastronomic equipment

Packaging technology, packaging machines, elements of final logistics


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