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Adjustments and selection of packaging materials




Custom packaging solutions are designed to help businesses make an impact with their packaging by equipping them with everything they need to build their ideal custom packaging.



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Our role in defining packaging materials we find in the process shown in the figure above.


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Customization and selection of packaging

Customization and selection of packaging materials depends on several parameters, as well as the selection of the required packaging. Most often, we mention many other factors, related to the packaging of food and non-food products. So, here too we encounter the problem of differentiation and choice of packaging technology. We will try to simplify, and adapt these divisions, and some of them are:

1. Paperboard boxes

2. Corrugated boxes

3. Plastic boxes

4. Rigid boxes

5. Chipboard packaging

6. Poly bags

7. Foil sealed bags

8. Cardboard trays

9. Plastic trays,

10. Tin cans,etc....


In accordance with the nature of our production and offer of packaging materials, and machines for vacuum packaging, as well as machines for the so-called. general packaging, and fully automated packaging lines with elements of final logistics, we will look at the individual elements and procedures in this process.



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Poly bags
A poly bag, also known as a pouch or a plastic bag, is manufactured out of flexible, thin, plastic film fabric. It is one of the common types of packaging and can carry a wide range of products including food items, flowers, waste, chemicals, magazines, and so on.

Poly bags are durable yet lightweight, reusable and flexible. Since poly bags are structurally simple to make, it can be fully customized in design, style & sizes but still remain cost-effective. Plastic recycling is also possible with poly bags, depending on the construction. Most of the poly bags are made with security features, tape attachments, hanging holes, and carrying handles to make sure the products are well secured and visually appealing to the customer.

Foil sealed bags
Foil sealed bags can be seen typically in most coffee and tea packaging. Why? It keeps the products dense to maintain the flavor, protects it from bacteria coming in and helps increase shelf life. Apart from food, foil sealed bags are also used to package bedding and clothing products. The process involves removing the oxygen from the bag to keep the fabric tight and secure in order to prevent the growth of fungi and other bacteria. Nuts, cereals, smoked fish, cheese and cured meats are also packaged with foil sealed bags to prevent from spoilage.

Plastic boxes
Plastic is used in a wide range of products, from spaceships to paper clips. A number of traditional materials, such as wood, leather, glass, ceramic, and so on, have already been replaced by plastic.

Plastic box packaging has many advantages in which they can be recycled, and generally they are much more durable than paperboard boxes. Airtight plastic packaging containers can help to preserve the quality of food and eliminate any contamination issues. Plastic packaging also does not break easily and can be stored with food under extreme conditions.

Another reason why plastic is a popular choice for packing material is because of its ability to showcase the product at any angle without necessarily opening the packaging. It is also flexible, lightweight and can be applied with films or coating to enhance packaging appearance.

Corrugated boxes
Corrugated boxes simply refer to what is commonly known as: Cardboard. Corrugated boxes are the ones many probably consider as ‘cardboard’ as it produces the large shipping, shoe & storage boxes. What a lot of people do not realize is that corrugated boxes also come in different types depending on the durability and strength of the box. Identifying a certain corrugated material, however, is easy. How do you determine the material? Through its corrugated medium (also known as fluting). Identifying a corrugated material is easy. It consists of 3 layers of paper, an outside liner, an inside liner and a corrugated medium (also known as fluting). The corrugated medium that gives it strength and rigidity.

They can be used to make packaging with different characteristics, performances, and strength. The board is cut and folded into different sizes and shapes to become corrugated packaging. Other applications of corrugated board packaging include retail packaging, pizza delivery boxes, small consumer goods packages, and so forth.

Our role in defining packaging materials

Most of it refers to flexible packaging, which is suitable and necessary for VFFS, HFFS and automatic lines based on this type of machines, Vacuum packing machines, Tray sealers, etc ... Why do we consider this extremely important? The end customer is the one who will react to your every marketing move, be it a change of method and format, changes of graphic content, necessary additions brought by the secondary sector, because he ultimately encounters that product and buys it. Sometimes the motivation is a branded name, of course the quality and certificates that accompany the manufacturer, aesthetic appearance, knowledge of the use of environmentally friendly packaging, traceability, etc .....


Already at the beginning, when we mentioned "Adjustments and selection of packaging materials", the role of Conceptual design and implementation in the choice of packaging material is visible.


Suppose that we have defined the Packaging Technology and the required packaging machine or line with you as a customer. Consequently, you have hired someone or a Design Agency for the Conceptual Design and Implementation in the selection of packaging material.

From that moment on, we and our partners perform again:


  •  graphic preparation is required

  • printing of materials

  • lamination in the case of multilayer materials, cutting and rewinding in order to adapt to the selected machines

  • production of the necessary packaging materials in the form of rolls or bag, trays,.....

  • Control and Inspecton



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Graphic preparation is required

Printing of materials

Lamination in the case of multilayer materials, cutting and rewinding in order to adapt to the selected machines

Production of the necessary packaging materials in the form of rolls or bag, trays,

Control and Inspecton

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