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External aspiration
vacuum machine
Vacuum machines - with external aspiration IDEAL

These machines are especially recommended for small shops, wholesale, supermarkets. In addition to their duty cycle is fully automatic, and that means the possibility that operators can make any other activity, while the duty cycle takes place. depending on different types ...
The professionals, totally automatic, perfect for any requests of the outlet; from the butcher’s shop to the supermarket... non stop!






 Structure / Kućište

Inox digit aut.

 Overall dimension / Ukupne dimenzije

 mm 420 x310x180 H

 Sealing bar / Vareća letva

mm 400

Dimensions of packaging materials/Dimenzije ambalažnog materijala

up to 380 mm for bags width/ do 380 mm širine vrećice

 Vacuum pump / Vakumska pumpa

Q=40  LT/MIn

 Weight / Težina

Kg 11

 Absorption  / Snaga

 W 550


 Voltage / Napajanje

230 V/50 Hz




Srečko Čorba

General manager

Željko Čorba

Advisor - Program packaging machines

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