Everything’s better when using modern packaging tehnology

In packaging machinery and tehnology we develop differentiated products, services and processes to protect your products and the people who rely on them. Our priority are Innovating new materials, formats and technologies.


Packaging-materials, films, bags, trays, containers
Printed and transparent vacuum bags
Cooking and sterilization bags;
Co-extruded PA / PE and solvent laminated bags;
Embossed / Channel vacuum bags;
Embossed / Channel bags for vacuuming, cooking and sterilization;
Shaped bags;
Thermo-shrinking vacuum bags;
Flexible multilayer thermoformable foils;
Co-extruded multilayer thermoformable foils;
Printed foils and bags;
Semi-rigid thermoform films
Vacuum packaging and gastronomic equipment
External aspiration vacuum machine;
Desk vacuum packing machine;
Vacuum packing machine with plexiglass lid on wheels;
Industrial Sector chamber machine;
Sous vide cooker;
Tray sealers;
Ozon Generator;
Blast chiller;
Tester, Gastrovac and Industrial sealers

Packaging machines and packaging technology
Multitube Multi-forming machine tools: automatic machines for packing sticks and tetrahedra sealed on three sides;
Upa Rapid Machines: automatic pad bag packing machines, flat bottom bag, flat bottom bag and with 4 vertical welds;
Upa machines: automatic bag packing machines welded on 4 sides;
Selection and placement system;
Robotic systems for final logistics;
Complex lines for medicine, pharmacy and pharmacology;
Automatic charging lines for Rotary stations;
Robotic systems for final logistics;
Roto chargers;
Semi-automatic VFFS machine;
TSF packaging machine for shrinking, wrapping and stabilizing shrink film;
Product elevators;
Packaging and product feeders;
Conveyor belts for transmission or synchronization;
Coding system, data source, engraving

Srečko Čorba

General manager

Željko Čorba

Advisor - Program packaging machines

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Packaging bags, vacuum, industrial bags, foils, containers, injection molded plastic

Vacuum packaging machines and gastronomic equipment

Packaging technology, packaging machines, elements of final logistics


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