In modern packaging technology and gastronomy everything is better!

We are big enough and small enough to meet your requirements on a personal level. Our success continues to include product quality in our wide range of offerings.

Our business strategy
We are focused on producing packaging that you need and are environmentally friendly, relying on our customers. The offer of packaging machines is an integral whole, which simplifies the solutions of beginners as well as complex solutions of large enterprises.

Basic guidelines


Tradition shows us that a lot of energy and knowledge was expended to protect products that are sensitive to the external action of oxygen. Different types of thin metals were used, or complex compositions of foils that were very expensive. experiments through the use of polymeric materials, eg coextruded technology with high barrier properties.

     The modality and the way in which it is necessary to protect the products, requires an adequate packaging technique. From simple devices, packaging machines, all the way to complex packaging tapes.

Implement Intelligent Packaging Elements in HO.RE CA. sector. Catering and food production in general, in search of the best possible business, meets the need to reengineer business processes. With this fact, some important parameters are identified, which bring with them a number of other peculiarities.


The company was founded in 1993, when he started as an agent, distributor of packaging equipment suppliers overseas. 1999th The production begins with a bag of barrier films.


This activity showed the need and supply of packaging materials .. in 2007. production part moved to the industrial zone of the metropolitan area of ​​Zagreb-Buzin settlement.


Production of embossed bags and vacuum cooking bags, as well as Heat Shrink Bags began in 2014.


In 2019, we begin our cooperation as the Authorized Distributor of EUROMATIC Vacuum Packaging Machine Manufacturers.


By expanding the range of products and services, especially in the demanding packaging applications and consulting services in the field of packaging techniques.


How to reach us?

The easiest way to come to Zagreb bypass, exit South, towards the airport in Zagreb and Velika Gorica, the drive is located near the U.S. Embassy, ​​and Adidas-Croatian ..

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DORA-PAK d.o.o.
Head office:
Šćitarjevska 44; 10000 ZAGREB,

Adress production and logistic:
Bani 69 A, 10010 ZAGREB,

The Company is registered in the Register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb


OIB/ IB: HR 44748291284


IBAN: HR58 2408 0021 1000 0712 3; SWIFT: PAZGHR2X; PARTNER BANKA D.D.



Srečko Čorba

General manager

Željko Čorba

Advisor - Program packaging machines

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DORA-PAK d.o.o.
    Company adress:
    Šćitarjevska 44; 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA

    Production and logistic:
    Bani 69 A, 10010 ZAGREB, CROATIA

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