Doravac BFC - bags for coocking

These special vacuum bags are used for meat and other products, which must go to cooking. Prepared, cuts of meat and other products cooked in the bag, so as not to lose weight and there is no loss of juices and flavor during the proceedings. 

Sous vide is a professional cooking method that includes plastic bags and barrier protection against oxygen and precise temperature control to reduce oxidation and extension of usable shelf-life of prepared food, completely eliminates or reduces contact with aerobic bakterijama.Rezultat the final product with superior texture, enhanced taste and better organoleptic properties. In a word this way of preparing food, ensure food safety and operational benefits Sous-vide in every restaurant and its surroundings.

 Steack after sous vide processing and baking


In addition to reduced product loss, the discovery that the organoleptic characteristics are considerably improved. Plastic film form a barrier that prevents loss of taste ketone evaporation and low temperature to a minimum destruction of the structure of proteins, preservation of natural textures.

Sous vide technology embraced the production of food companies. But even by better expansion and small scale, in restaurants and hotels, mainly for the production of components for the meal of continuous in-house use. 

They may be of different composition of coextruded materials, as well as laminated, and we provide Straight vacuum bags for the temperature range up to 115 degrees Celsius, intended for cooking and partial pasteurization. 

After a special order are possible and laminated bags, designed cooking or the deep freeze with temperature range of -40 to 125 stup.C deg.Celzijusa.


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