Doravac BSS-Vacuum bags from the sleeve

Vacuum bags Doravac BSS are bags from the sleeve / hose welded only on the bottom. Are designed without longitudinal welds, packaging material is in the barrier film, shape sleeve / hose with only one weld at the bottom.

These vacuum bags are generally made of PA / PE coextruded film / foil sleeves. Their special feature is to have only one bottom surface of the welded bag (width of 5-10 mm).

Their characteristics and physico-chemical properties match up with bags of our production called Doravac, as well as performance and hence high performance protection. It is used for the same type of application, which shows that they have a slightly better performance in making explicit the product and enhancing its aesthetic segments.

It is indisputable necessary when using these bags, previously well studied and concluded that the required dimensions of the barrier sleeve / hose, because their price largely depends on its size or usability of the extrusion module where the foil / film products.

The composition of foil PA / PE can be strengthened with additional components of the copolymer, as it can be with some basic masterima- colored (eg, white, yellow, or the like).

A special feature of using this form of bag or large bag, is that it reflects the best in food packaging, and packing the largest package of glass or mineral wool in the construction industry (eg. The width of the hose 700 / roll length 3400 mm).