Packing machine s final logistics


Modern approach to the distribution of goods and services, establishes the need for modernization, the system requirements for the production and distribution in nominal terms. How indivudalnog producers, as well as for large and global companies, all want to achieve the quality and competitiveness of products .....

Where is the place for packing, grouping of goods, warehousing and logistics? 
could say very high! Why do we say that this process is so important?

 Here are some reasons: - Our environment is full of microorganisms, but not all "good" - Basic hygiene guidelines are part of the standards that apply - If we can achieve health standards, as well as keep them? - Who and how well organized the distribution of goods to long distance - Features, a large number of years in food preservation (military logistics) - How your goods (with food as a base) to save it from damage during transport - How to store, separation, labeling - Coverage of the market with sufficient quantities of the product, when there are needs and these particular types of goods are required - markenting, compliance requirements and explanations of products - Respect standard forms and quantities of goods transport, etc.



Technical questionare for packaging machine 


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Some types of products


Find your products that you want to pack

By product type

  • Granular products with good flowability
  • Granular products poor flow
  • Powdered products
  • Liquid and pasty media
  • Smaller individual products
  • Greater individual product


According to the method and format packaging

The pad bags Free standing bags
Free standing bags with flat
bottom and four longitudinal weld
STICK bags three-sidedwelded Tetraedar  - piramidals bags Bags 4-sided closed

 The envelope bag-glued or welded with four sides



Multitube machines:


AUTOMATIC PACKAGING MACHINES FOR "STICK-PACK" and tetrahedron BAGS welded on 3 sides


Packaging machinery model Multitube formed, filled and sealed to the bag, are
welded on 3 sides; Therefore double transverse and one longitudinal
weld. The bags can be a tubular shape that is. "Stick-pack", or a pyramidal shape
ie. "tetrahedron". 

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for Granulate

12-line packing machine Multitube of the granulates



Powdered products

5-in-line packing machine Multitube for powder products with worm doser


10-line packing machine Multitube tetrahedron


Automatic Packing Line Fluids

MULTI TUBE8-line packing machine for liquid with Pick & Place system for packing honey




UPA Rapid machines:


AUTOMATIC PACKAGING MACHINES, WHICH MAY FORM A flattened BAGS, detached bags with square bottom, DETACHED bag with square bottom and 4-fold welded flange



Automatic vertical packaging machines model UPA RAPID formed, filled and sealed to various forms of single-bag, double-layer or multi-layer thermo-weldable film and are used for packaging various types of products, such as powdered products, granules, liquids or individual pieces products. The application of the multiple, as in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical industry.

UPA RAPID packaging machines are made in these different models:


• UPA RAPID MIDI (MIDI L - VAC MIDI - MIDI HP High Performance);


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UPA Rapid Mini
two dosage (for powder products and liquids)
UPA Rapid Mini with linear dosing scales UPA Rapid Midi with worm doser 

UPA Rapid Midi

Multi-HEAD dosing weighs





UPA Rapid Midi with linear dosing scales

 UPA Rapid "CS"

with 6 line system for counting and dispensing rolls

UPA Rapid Max with dosing scales  


UPA Machine:



Automatic vertical packaging machines model UPA formed, filled bags rectangular shape and welded on all 4 sides. Machines meet all the needs of the market for the packaging of small weights (from 200 g to 1 g).
They are used for packaging various types of products, such as powdered products, granules, or individual pieces of liquid products .Primjena is multiple as in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical industry.
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 UPA packing machine with 4 - line for granular, finely- granular and dust products UPA packing machine 2-line with liquid / paste-like dispenser  UPA packing machine 4-in-line to the plate dispenser for fine grain products UPA packing machine 2-line with worm doser for powder products



Semi-automatic filling and sealing, encapsulation in various types of packaging materials


To this group belong machines and rotary feeders so. "Semiautomatic carousel", using ready-formed shaped packaging material. You are talking about the various charging machines / closures, as in ready-made bags, as well as in pots or containers, depending on the type of packaged media. In this group we can put machines in the group wrapping shrink wrap, as well as simple industrial welders. ...


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 ET-1 Electronic univentricular scales with larger callipers

PDET-1 Electronic worm dosing sistem with larger callipers

Industrial welding machine for closing bags

TSF  packing machine for grouping, wrapping and stabilization shrink wrap