Packaging materials, bags, receptacles, containers

Packaging is usually defined as a wrapper around the object that we want to protect, whether it relates to food or technical predmete.Ambalažni materials are all these types of packages that can be foil, paper, glass, wood, etc. ..
Modern packaging is no longer linked only to a protective function, but carries the new content that is credible representation and explication of the package, and makes it one of the marketing features.
We offer the focus is on termovarljivim foils and bags, bins and containers made of the same products, with special emphasis on the multi-layer (barrier) foils.


bags welded with a 3 - side from the coextruded material for vacuum packaging and packaging in MAP 

Doravac BFC - bags for coocking

these special vacuum bags are used for meat and other products, which must go to cooking. Prepared, cuts of meat and other products cooked in the bag, .....


Doravac BSS-Vacuum bags from the sleeve

Vacuum bags Doravac BSS are bags from the sleeve / hose welded only on the bottom.

Doravac A
bags for vacuum packing 3-side welded from sheet materials with print
Doravac EB 
welded with three bags - side, and the process of evacuation is carried out of the chamber that is easier to vacuum machines
Doravac SB  
Curved bags of specially formulated polyamide / polyethylene vacuum packing and packaging in MAP
Doraflex TSB 
Thermo vacuum bags have a very important role in the protective packaging, meat, cheeses, seafood and vegetables.
Doraflex MLB 
bags from one or multi-layer film for packaging various products
Doraflex ML 
Flexible Laminates film
Flexible, reinforced, metallized bags for cooking, streilization, macro packages ......
 Doraflex IX 
Flexible multilayer materials coextruded high barrier properties
Doraflex TB 
Vacuum foil termoforming LOWER AND UPPER for automatic machines 
semirigid termoforming films
Other plastics for industry and households
is the first commercial LDPE polyethylene, and as such is usually used for making various types of trays.