Vacuum packing, the role of gastronomy

Evacuation as a very important process in the preservation of the product, and its organoletptičkih properties, primarily finds application in food distribution, but also the long-term protection of technical parts and especially the automotive industry and military equipment. Vacuum packaging offers a balance of barrier properties, toughness, chemical resistance, softness , flexibility, attractive appearance, and good economics with different structures foil. It is applicable to a large variety of applications that require a high level of protection. barrier to protect against gases, water vapor and odors, chemical resistance to most acids, alkalis, drugs and alcohol compounds. 


Tentatively it can be divided:

- Chamber vacuum machines

- Automated Vacuum packaging and design

- Machinery / Coffee vacuuming outside the chamber
- Devices for the exclusion of air from the environment itself packages, .....


Gastro equipment:

 Gastro systems

Sous vide cookers

Quick cooling equipment