Line APOLLO - Gastrovac, sous vide - cooking, welding machine


Mobile units with integrated vacuum pump to create a vacuum inside the container Dining

Premium product, a new technology for sous-see cooking at a low temperature and a controlled period of time.

Pulse welding machine for bags of various sizes and thicknesses.


GASTROVAC the semi-automatic vacuum packaging system mainly food items, which vacuum packaging prolongs shelf life (fresh meat, meat products, cheeses, fish, sauerkraut ...), which are used on a daily basis.                                            

Such systems are particularly suitable for CATERING house kitchen, delicatessen shops, individual butchers, and with an emphasis on those stores that have further cut goods, which was not used that day.

SOUS VIDE COOKER special kind of cooking with corresponding size of the batch, for the preparation of food in pouches, low-temperature processing and dugotrajnijoj 24-36 hours

EM 320 simple welding machines, the effective width of 300 mm bags

EM 420 simple welding machines, the effective width of 400 mm bags


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