TERRA-line Thermo-closures


Two different types of semi-automatic termo sealers for food packaging in containers. These machines are perfect for retail stores and production environments. The machines are able to protect and pre-packaged in trays of different shapes ..

Semi-automatic termo sealers packing food in a container . Pack into containers is the most preferred way for proper hygiene and good solution . For offer the end users any product in its perfectly sealed container. It is important to emphasize that these machines do not vacuumed goods in the container and their goal is not food preservation than his proper packaging and protection.

These termo sealers with blowing inert gas, can vacuum pack food in containers make it easy, thanks to a fully automatic working cycle. They perfectly suit the needs of packaging fresh pasta and butcheries. Therefore Tray 600-800 can carry out packaging and preservation of food products in hermetically sealed trays.

Termo sealers "line of two termo- sealing" recommends a nest is for all those small / medium workshops for interested vacuum packing own production in containers. Complete cycle follows three simple steps: 
- Set the tray into specific molds and start vacuuming phase 
- injection of inert gas. 
- Phase Welding: film / foil hermetically welded to the containers / trays 
are three normal steps, of course, set for execution by termozavarivača itself, which automatically stops at the end of each work cycle. 
Both models have the latest version, with a brand new pneumatic welding using 
pneumatic cylinder at 3 BAR and specific VACUUM-GAS sensor on the electronic part. 
Welding foil slit on both sides of the half GASTRO tray, but with 1/4 GASTRO and eighth GASTRO necessarily require manual intervention by the operator tear off excess foil between the tray. 
Both models are completely made ​​of stainless steel and aluminum. Average daily 
production: 150-300 containers per day.


SEAL 300

SEAL 400

TRAY 600

TRAY 800


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