MERCURY-line machines with external aspiration


These brand new external suction machines that offer a solid outer structure, including fully automatic cycle.External suction vacuum packaging machines,only the smallest from ABNS plastic and the other 100% stainless steel construction, it is recommended for those customers who want a professional, but a very simple solution for packing different kinds of food.


SMART                                    home use and small economies

EUROMINI                                home use and smaller economies, small craft, larger packages

EUROBIG                                  smaller economies, small craft, smaller packages, mini-dairies             

MATIC 35                                smaller economies, small craft, larger packages, producers "Kulen",                                                    specialties limited series, etc.

MATIC 40                                smaller farms, crafts, larger packages, mini dairy, intermediate                                                      producers sausage, pancetta, etc.

MATIC 50                                smaller farms, crafts, a larger number of packets due                                                                    automatic process, manufacturers "Kulen", etc.


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