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 Shrink vacuum bags have a very important role in the protective packaging, meat, cheeses, seafood and vegetables. 

These bags are 80 times better neopropusnost oxygen than those made ​​of polyvinyl chloride, or 400 times better than the bags made ​​of polyethylene. 
In practice this means that sliced ​​pieces of meat, cheese or similar products, can stand in the refrigerator for weeks without losing their svježine.Dakle, the usual ways of wrapping and preventing contact with air, films or bags made ​​of PVC or polyethylene can not be compared with sačuvavanjem in heat-vacuum bags for you this problem no longer exists.
The following characteristics are shown in what is truly reflected the quality of these products:
Optical a glittering brilliance and clarity, has very high light transmission to the packed product
Aesthetic "Fully shaping" by product
Persistence retains the freshness with a very high degree of stability
Protective properties very low permeability to moisture and gases.
The degree of shrinkage biaxial orientation materials ensures uniformity degree of shrinkage.
Fraudulence Welding in final packaging can be done using various techniques of welding
Chemical resistance resistant to most acids, alkalis, oils and solvents original
High temperature range tolerance Resistant to hot fats and oils in cooking or processing in the microwave.
Aging  The physical properties of these products do not change in relation to the external action over a longer period. 
Do not break it  do not come to the drying of the product, there is no deformation of the passage of time.



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