Doraflex ML

 Flexible multilayer materials 

Doraflex ML flexible material is composed of multiple layers based on different combinations of basic materials  of different thicknesses offer Doraflex ML combining components of lamination can be adjusted for each application package. 
Doraflex ML is based on uniformly raspoređenoj structure to ensure the protection of property and deceitfulness, as well as mechanical resistance with a minimum thickness of material, such as coex PP, OPP, PP melaliz., pearlite PP, PET, PAP, PE, PE metalzir., OPA, BOPA, 
APET, EVOH, ALU, etc.. ... Scope of these materials Doraflex ML packaging of consumer goods, but the non-food sector, pharmacological packages, etc.


doraflex MLF A2doraflex MLF A3doraflex MLF00010doraflex MLF023doraflex MLF024doraflex MLF0370DVC00011