Doraflex IX


Flexible multilayer materials coextrudd high barrier properties of packaging on vertical and horizontal packing machine (the FFS and FLOW PACK) Doraflex IX  is coextrudee flexible material composed of seven or more layers based on polyamide / EVOH / polyethylene structure.  offer different thickness Doraflex IX barrier sheeting, combining components for lamination is set for each application packaging Doraflex IX is based on the structure of uniformly dispense polyamide, to ensure thermoforming property and mechanical strength with minimal material thickness. main area of application of these materials is Doraflex IX MAP or vacuum packaging of products require a very high resistance to oxygen and other gas. Packaging products are: fresh meat,  hot dogs, sausage  baguette  cheese, pasta and semi-fermented  products  sausage  meat slices  baguette  puff pastry,  smoked meat products permanent .......



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