The bags are made ​​of multilayer films using coextruded materials are the result of exceptional resistance and durability and as such most often offered in the industry.  

Their impermeability to water vapor, high resistance to oxygen, good transparency and gloss, and of course the property to extend the deadline shelf life of the packed products, making them virtually irreplaceable in most of the applications that are packaged.

Doravac vacuum handbags are available in the following quality standard sizes: 

Doravac  90                            90 microns 
Doravac 100                           100 microns 
Doravac 145                           145 microns 
Doravac 170                           170 microns 
Doravac 200                           200 microns 
Doravac OPA / PP                    85 micron 
Doravac  special bags               bags for insufflation gas the seal on the side



Doravac vacuum bags are available as:  
· Printing flexo 6-8 colors  
· Infinite print one color adjusted for EAN coding  
nsufflation gas · side  
· With Euro discharge for wearing  
Without upper cheats  
· Single checkered design  
· With recessed for easier opening  
· PET / PE with transparent front, and the back is gold or silver  
. bags pasteurization