Doravac A

Doravac A multilayered laminated  structures and custom packaging on automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines, mainly based on the materials OPA, EVOH,PET, PA and PE as sealing layer.


A Doravac bags can be printed with up to eight internal boja.Folije Varec have excellent characteristics, even through walls contaminated with a very thin layer of adhesive that does not affect machines with high clock making packages.


Some of the films and bags Doravac A structure available called. impoverished version but still resistant to water vapor and the most gases. Suistanble for applications:

  • fresh meats, smoked or boiled meat products
  • chicken, boiled and semi-durable goods
  • fresh cheese, semi-hard, plemiti, grated
  • technical goods
  • fresh and smoked fish
  • gels, honey, and other liquid package, etc. ....
  • fresh fruits and vegetables, and their derivatives dukobo frozen .....


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