Doravac EB

 Embossed vacuum bags for machines with external aspiration

Bags welded to the side, and the process of evacuation is carried out chamber that is easier to vacuum machines.
 Doravac EB embossed bags and ready-made rolls of film with an outer layer of polyamide / polyethylene, designed vacuum paacking. Specialy processing and creating embossed pages on bags / foil, provides excellent draw air and create a vacuum, especially on machines that do not have chamber. Doravac EB bags / films are offered in a number of different sizes, for immediate delivery.
Doravac EB offer excellent barrier resistance to oxygen and water vapor, very good mechanical properties and very good transparent. Doravac the EB vacuum bags / films with a very wide range of applications, especially in food packaging for household and small business entities.


  Relief bags-Embosed bag  




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