The company was founded in 1993, when he started as an agent, distributor of packaging equipment suppliers overseas. 1999th The production begins with a bag of barrier films.

This activity showed the need and supply of packaging materials .. in 2007. production part moved to the industrial zone of the metropolitan area of ​​Zagreb-Buzin settlement.

By expanding the range of products and services, especially in the demanding packaging applications and consulting services in the field of packaging techniques.


How to reach us

Location DORA-PAK doo-production


The easiest way to come to Zagreb bypass, exit South, towards the airport in Zagreb and Velika Gorica, the drive is located near the U.S. Embassy, ​​and Adidas-Croatian ..

Legally relevant company information:


DORA-PAK d.o.o.
Company Address:
Šćitarjevska 44; 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA

Production and Logistics:
Bani 69 A, 10010 ZAGREB, CROATIA

Tel .: ++ 385-1-6623658
Fax: ++ 385-1-6623657
Mobile tel .: ++ 385-98-317846; (098) 267-806
E-mail: mail@dora-pak.hr; info@dora-pak.hr


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The Company is registered in the Register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb, under the number: 080300540

Capital of the Company: 35,000 Kn, Company Identification Number: 0531545; OIB: HR 44748291284

IBAN: HR58 2408 0021 1000 0712 3; SWIFT: PAZGHR2X; PARTNER BANKA D.D.


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